Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Runescape - Tip Collection

This will help Runescape players help each other and with new releases regularly by Jagex, anyone can submit a runescape tip either by commenting on any of the posts in this blog or contacting us via the runescape help site that has now been put in place to deal with all aspects of the game.

I will review all tip submissions on a regular basis and for now there are a few restrictions in place to prevent automated spamming. I would hope this would continue to be the case and that no further moderation would be required.

From all contributions on any post, I will assemble information and move it into the main website whenever there is sufficient information to become useful. I do urge people to contribute to any aspect of the website and help me in the development.

There is an existing list of runescape tips broken down by category already available, however, the list is not exhaustive and any new tips can be added at any time.


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