Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Runescape Construction

Tips by South Gal79

Oak logs- best area I know of so far take the spirit tree to the grand tree once you get to the grand tree there are about 6-8 oak trees beside the bank.

Teak Logs- only places I know of atm would be tele to castle wars walk south then all the way west there is one tree there. If you have done the recipe for disater quest and ape atoll quest you can tele to ape atoll and there are a few trees beside the wooden gate and by the dungeon there.

Teak and Mahogany- If you have done the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up mini game, you can gain access to teak and mahogany here but you have to give the gate keeper 100 trading sticks to get in each time.

Building mode- If you have the level to buy the Butlers, i refer the Butler himself he carries 20 logs a time and he cost 5k to purchase and 5k about every 5 or so trips he does. You can take your noted logs, saw, hammer and cash with you and just stay in building mode to gain levels until your logs run out.
- Use your noted logs on the butler, he will bring back unnoted
- Use your unnoted logs on the butler again and he will take them to the saw mill.
- Fastest way Ive learned to level would be making the oak larder which gives 480 each larder and you can get 3 larders out of one inventory.

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