Saturday, November 24, 2007

Slayer Tips

Slayer in runescape is one skill that can be used by members to help train various combat skills up without really thinking about it.

Currently, I am level 97 slayer and I have trained my combat skills up through doing many slayer tasks - mainly getting my tasks from the shilo village slayer master as he gives out a decent number of high level monster tasks.

Slayer can be used for attack, strength, hitpoints, defense, range, prayer and magic skills - with most people using it primarly for melee based skills rather than mage or range. I currently try and do all my slayer tasks using either range or mage as I have already maxxed out the melee based skills.

Some simple slayer training tips:
1. Use a cannon when you are able to, this helps finish the task a lot quicker but will be costly over the long term
2. Use Shilo Village slayer master for the maximum number of monsters per task - he will give tasks with up to 199 monsters in them
3. Try and do 1 or 2 slayer tasks per day so that you continually gain some experience and work towards a goal of at least 85 slayer so you can fight abyssal demons for the abyssal whip
4. Players who can get ahold of the black mask should use this (players will need to have completed Rum Deal and Cabin Fever to fight cave horrors on Mos Le'Harmless).
5. A set of Guthan Armour can help to finish tasks quicker as there is less need to bank for food when fighting some tasks - although only use this if there are no special items required in the task such as a nosepeg or earmuffs.
6. Change your task if you do not want to do it - many people will change iron dragon tasks as it can take a long time to complete and therefore not be worthwhile. Although Jagex have limited the number of these monsters that will be given in a task, it is still a time consuming task.
7. Players can complete all quests that give slayer experience as a reward, most notably, Back to my Roots rewards 23,000 experience and The Path of Glouphrie rewards 20,000 experience.
8. Players wanting to get the quickest tasks to complete may prefer to use Edgeville or Canifis as they are likely to give decent quantities of monsters that can be finished quicker than Shilo or Lost City slayer masters.

The list of slayer tips is not exhaustive, but will give some good guidance to players who want to get their slayer level to at least level 85 for fighting Abyssal Demons. Any player who wishs to add tips can comment on this brief guide or can contact me and I will update the tips.

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