Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tips for Runescape Money Making

Runescape tips are easily found on many sites or easily picked up as players gain experience on the game. I am looking at trying to get more regular tips onto this blog and including some videos that show some tips in action.

This video is basically showing low level or inexperienced players how they can quickly get earning some money in runescape. The basic overview is:

Step 1: 0 - 100k - Collecting Cow Hides

  • Cow hides can quickly be collected in various locations for f2p players. The main places are Lumbridge, south of Falador and beside the Crafting Guild.
Step 2: Selling Cow Hides
  • If you sell at 100gp each you will need to collect more cow hides. However, it is generally easier to get 150gp each cow hide if you have a large stock - preferably with more than 1000 stockpiled.
Step 3: 100k - 1mil - Merchant Iron Arrows
  • Iron arrows used to have much greater demand. There is still a market for them but the profit margin is low. Aim to buy at 21gp each (or lower) and sell for 25gp each (or higher if at all possible).
Step 4: 1mil - 5mil - Merchant Yew Logs
  • Yew logs are always in demand and generally will sell at lower prices on f2p worlds. The maximum price a merchanter should buy yews for is 300gp. They will need to sell at a higher price and can expect to get around 320gp per log.
That is the basic overview of the video and all points are quite basic. However, that is the simple truth, making money on runescape is simple - it just requires a bit of effort for people to try and earn some initial money so they can start to look into merchanting items.

For people wanting to watch the video I have embedded it here as well for your enjoyment.

Hopefully I get back around to updating this runescape tips blog along with the other blogs so that all aspects of the game get covered.

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