Thursday, July 06, 2006

Crafting Tip - Glass Making

Making glass can be a profitable business for members in RuneScape. The resources required are:

1. Buckets of Sand
2. Glass Blowing Pipe
3. Soda Ash

Collecting up the required ingredients can be tedious at the best of times. However, if you can successfully set up a supplier of Seaweed or Soda Ash then the process of glass making becomes a lot simpler and potentially more profitable. A Soda Ash supplier would be the ideal option, however, if you only managed to get a Seaweed supplier then it cuts down the time required to collect the resource, as you would simply need to cook the Seaweed on a range to get the required Soda Ash.

A second, much overlooked tip for making glass production more efficient is the daily collection of sand from Bert at Yanille. Any player who has completed the Hand in the Sand Quest will be able to receive a daily bonus of Sand Buckets.

Collecting sand from Bert

Combining both tips, if you remember to collect the sand daily, then you could focus on making glass only 1 day each month. This would maximise your profits on that day as well as giving you plenty of time to concentrate on any other area within the game.

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