Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fletching in Banks

A lot of players still continue to fletch their logs at the same place they cut them. This is inefficient and can easily be improved upon if players simply stockpile their logs and then later fletch them at a bank.

fletching in a bankThe idea is simple, players can quickly bank the logs they get from woodcutting and continue stockpiling until they get the required amount of logs or even reach a woodcutting level.

With the logs stockpiled, players can then bring out their fletching materials which should consist of a knife and 27 logs. It is just a matter of making longbows whenever possible for all the logs in your inventory at one time and then banking all the unstrung longbows, taking out all logs (only 27 will be able to be taken out), and repeating the process.

This is a much more efficient method than simply fletching the logs as you cut them since you do not have to waste time in dropping the unstrung longbows. Players can also gain some money from this by later selling the noted longbows to a shop.

If a player has a high enough fletching level to make either Yew Longbows or better, then it is normally better to cast high alchemy and receive 768gp for each Yew Longbow or 1536gp for each Magic Longbow.

Overall, if you want to speed up your fletching and you have stockpiled logs, then fletching at a bank can save you time AND make a little bit of money in the process as well.

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