Thursday, July 13, 2006

Runecrafting - World 66

Runecrafting may be one of the more difficult and labour intensive skills in Runescape if you are determined to mine the essence and run the essence yourself. Members in runescape do have a good option to speed up the process - world 66 law crafting.
world 66 law runecrafting altar
Since Jagex released pure rune essence and later released player owned houses, many players have focussed on raising their construction skill and many have stopped training their runecrafting.

This is primarily being posted to remind members that world 66 law runecrafting is still one of the quickest methods to gain runecrafting experience. The cost involved may have increased as pure essence is at least double the cost of the price rune essence used to be traded at, although the rate of experience gained is still the same.

Free to play runescape players will still need to look at other runes to gain their runecrafting levels - air and fire runes generally will be the easiest and possibly the most beneficial to runecraft for these players.

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