Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Runescape Construction - Using Oak Logs

Construction in RuneScape is an expensive skill to level and just as expensive to decorate your house with all the finest materials. However, Oak Logs offer a relatively fast and more economical method of levelling your construction. It is not cheap, simply more economical.

The idea is to get to level 50 construction - once you reach level 30 you can use Tears Of Guthix weekly experience or genie lamps as well as doing some general building.

Once you reach level 50 then you should hire a Demon Butler to do your bidding. The furniture of choice to make is the 'Oak Larder' that requires 8 Oak Planks. Players will need to build the larder and remove it 3 times (24 oak is the maximum the demon butler can carry - but you will also have some cash to pay the butler, some noted oak planks or oak logs as well as a hammer and a saw).

The process is somewhat laborious although it is one of the most efficient methods of raising your construction level effectively. It will still cost a lot of cash with 6000 coins needed to convert the 24 oak logs to oak planks per inventory as well as the 10,000 coins needed to pay the demon butler when he demands it.

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