Sunday, April 08, 2007

Runescape Agility Tips

Agility in runescape is a member only skill and is often overlooked in how useful it may be in order to help people get where they need to go quicker. Runescape agility enables players to access short-cuts or specific areas that require a minimum agility level. The agility tips for runescape have been compiled in order to give players some insight into how useful the skill can be and how to make use of their existing agility level.

The runescape tip compilation for agility is not complete, as there are many other tips than can be added. If any player has any additional runescape tips for agility they can register on the site and submit a comment - or players can use the contact form available on the main runescape help site that I operate. Bear in mind is a help site and not an official Jagex site and I am not able to help in any runescape account enquiries.

There are numerous other tips available on the runescape help site and I will update this blog to highlight all the tips over the coming weeks. Players can bookmark this site to their favourite social bookmarking tool or can bookmark and register on the main runescape help site so they can access all runescape tip compilations easier.

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