Saturday, May 12, 2007

Training Combat

Melee is an important aspect in runescape and many players achieve a high overall combat level through long hours of training. It would be nice to have a more efficient method to train combat... and it is possible to improve efficiency.

Overall combat is made up of melee, mage and range as well as prayer skill. Although players do tend to favour one style of combat over the other.

Anyway, I was browsing through several runescape help sites and came across runecrypts' training combat guide. There is a lot of information packed onto the page and it covers each aspect of combat training (well, it doesn't mention prayer as part of combat, but everything else seems to be there - including some training locations).

A very brief summary of that combat guide:

  • Level 1-20 train on cows near lumbridge or on chickens or on goblins nearby
  • Level 20-30 train on cows, dark wizards or skeletons
  • Level 30-40 train on guards
  • Level 40-60 train on experiments or elemental monsters (members) or hill giants
  • Level 60-99 pest control, experiements, giant skeletons (members) or lesser demons
For training range:
  • Level 1-40 Cows
  • Level 40-60 Dark Wizard Tower
  • Level 60-99 Fire Giants, Blue Dragons, Pest Control (members) or Lesser demons
For training mage:
  • Level 1-45 Casting Air Strike on Cows
  • Level 39-55 Varrock Sewers
  • Level 45-55 Camelot Teleport (members)
  • Level 55-99 High Alchemy
Hopefully that is a brief guide to trainin combat on runescape covered and that there are enough tips for both members and free to play people to enjoy their training.

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