Monday, April 30, 2007

Runescape Cooking Tips

Cooking in runescape is a skill that is easy to raise compared to many of the other available skills. It is equally important for free to play runescape characters as well as runescape members. On free to play there are a lot more limitations, although lobster and swordfish do provide decent cooking experience.

The aim for all runescape players when cooking is to burn as little food as possible. This is normally a lot easier for members as they can wear the cooking gauntlets rewarded from the family crest quest. Although free to play runescape characters simply need 5 additional cooking levels to get the same benefits.

Free to play Runescape Cooking:

  • Level 15 required to cook trout - Trout is cheap to buy and will give 70 experience for each on successfully cooked. It might be wise to get to know a member who is training their fishing skill at Shilo Village - as they can quickly bank salmon and trout and are highly unlikely to cook the trout. They may be willing to sell cheaply or even give for free as I have done in the past.
  • Level 20 required to cook salmon - Salmon is a bit more appealing to members to cook than trout, although many members may well sell cheaply to non-members. Alternatively, non-members may fish them at barbarian village river fishing spot.
  • Level 40 cooking required for Lobsters - Lobsters are a staple food on runescape for both members and free to play worlds. These can be fished at Karamja on free to play worlds and at multiple locations on member worlds. 120 experience for each lobster successfully cooked can really help non-members get high level cooking easily. Level 75+ cooking is required to be able to cook them without burning any.
Runescape Member Cooking Tips:
In addition to any tips for non members, all runescape members can take advantage of the vast amount of foods available to cook. However my preference still lies with different fish available - namely members are able to cook shark.

Each shark gives 210 experience when successfully cooked and can be bought easily at world 18 in Edgeville Bank. Level 76 cooking is required to be able to cook shark and so members can easily train their cooking skill up via lobsters if they desire until they can cook shark.

At level 76 cooking, even when wearing the cooking gauntlets, a lot of shark are likely to get burnt. As cooking level increases, the number of shark being burnt will reduce. Eventually, at level 95 cooking and wearing the cooking gauntlets, runescape members will be able to cook shark without burning any.

It should therefore be relatively straightforward training cooking from level 95 to level 99 via sharks. It shouldn't really cost anything either as cooked sharks can be sold at Edgeville Bank or at other locations for the same price as raw sharks cost.

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