Friday, April 27, 2007

More Runescape Melee Tips

As mentioned before, runescape combat and melee in particular, is one of the most highly desired things in the game. Jagex have made it a lot easier over the years to raise combat quicker, although it is primarily runescape members who benefit rather than free to play people as the easiest way to train melee is through the Pest Control mini game.

Anyway, since Jagex are unlikely to radically overhaul combat training for free to play runescape, it stands to reason that there must be some decent spots for training. Obviously there are some spots, but not ideal. Especially given the fact training is more limited as there are fewer monsters and areas to enter.

Some free to play runescape melee training locations are:

  • Ice Warriors in the dungeon south of Port Sarim
  • Black Knights Castle
  • Wilderness Hobgoblin Mine
As stated, it is not ideal locations although decent experience points can be gained at these locations. Players should note that the hobgoblin mine will be risky as pkers may also attack you in that location. This mine is also an effective place to train your runescape mining.

In addition, all runescape players should note in order to train melee effectively they should aim to be hitting monsters often and causing damage. This relates to a previous post I made and a guideline I normally follow when I actively trained my runescape combat. A basic reminder is to aim to fight monsters at about half your current combat level and to fight them with a quick weapon... normally a scimitar or something at the same speed.

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