Thursday, April 12, 2007

Runescape Attack Tips

Runescape tips are common for many skills in the game, however, many people overlook the fact that combat is one of the widest used combination of skills. Consequently, many runescape players are highly inefficient when training their melee stats.

With the introduction of Pest Control as a minigame, Jagex have made it a lot easier for players to effectively train their overall combat - well runescape members at least. This still leaves a large amount of the playing population at a loss when looking for specific tips to help train their runescape attack skill.

The runescape tips compiled for attack are predominantly focussed on members, however, if players have any specific tips that have been omitted from inclusion on the list they can comment on this post or alternatively register on runescape help site and submit a guide for their own tips.

The more people that submit runescape tips for any specific skill the better. It will help build a comprehensive reference point for tips that are within Jagex rules. Obviously tips are things that will help people rather than runescape cheats that will only result in hampering people - especially if players who cheat in runescape get caught by Jagex.

As mentioned, the attack tips are not extensive and can always be added to, so I would urge any runescape players who feel they can add to this list to either get in contact via the runescape help web site (or register on it) or to comment on this post to get your tips included.

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