Monday, April 23, 2007

Runescape Combat Tip

Runescape combat tips are essential to help players quickly advance their levels and gain greater rewards from higher level monsters. Many runescape players over estimate their strengths and under estimate their weaknesses when fighting some monsters. This can lead to heavy losses in virtual wealth over time.

This runescape tip is a brief guide that can be followed by both members and free to play players. In general, any tip for free to play runescape can also be applied to members - with members being able to have access to more resources, areas and tips in general.

Training combat in runescape effectively is easy when following some basic principles. This is what I generally do when I am training:

  1. Always ensure you are wearing appropriate equipment for the monster you are going to train on
  2. Always have a stockpile of food if wanting to train for long periods of time
  3. Never take too many risks - if your health is low and your inventory of food has finished, the safest thing is to teleport back to a bank and restock instead of adding additional risk by fighting just one more monster
  4. Always pay attention when fighting monsters that can hit hard or often
  5. Always have teleport runes so you can quickly escape any danger if needed
Following those basic tips for training combat in runescape, you should ensure that you never suffer any unnecessary or premature deaths. The more time you spend actually fighting, the greater the amount of experience you will be able to accumulate.

In addition to this, if I was training combat I would set a specific goal to try and achieve. By setting a goal I can keep motivated to achieve it much easier. Particularly in free to play, combat training is much more limited. However, I do try and work to this basic outline when in training mode to improve the efficiency:
  • Monsters will be around half of my current combat level
  • I will use quick weapons like a rune scimitar instead of a heavy weapon such as the rune 2 hand sword
Following both of those runescape tips, I will be able to maintain a quick training rate as I will be able to hit the monsters quite often and will be less likely to get surprised by the damage they can inflict. This is a safe way to train and has enabled me to suffer very few deaths to monsters since I started playing runescape.

All players must bear in mind that any runescape tip is just that, a tip, a piece of advice. It can be taken with a grain of salt and ignored or it can be followed and actively used. It will help some people while many others may prefer to always add risk into their training as it gives them more reason to improve their combat.

Free to play runescape has significant limitations but it is not impossible to get a good level of combat. It just takes time as many of the popular training locations will often be busy. If this is the case, players can also look at training non-combat skills in order to build up their virtual wealth or stockpile fish to help them with their future combat training.

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