Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Runescape Mining

Runescape mining is one of the most effective ways for players to earn money in runescape. Players who are not members are more restricted in what ores they can mine, however, a good amunt of virtual wealth can still be built up over time - even on free worlds.

Free to Play:
Although mine locations and ores are more limited on free to play runescape, the following is a list of ores and locations players can still build up their virtual wealth:

  • Rune Essence - Rune Essence Mine
  • Iron Ore - Dwarven Mines and East Varrock Mine
  • Silver - Crafting Guild
  • Coal - Mining Guild, Hobgoblin Mine
  • Gold - Crafting Guild
  • Mithril - Hobgoblin Mine
As mentioned, the ores for runescape mining are more limited, however free to play on runescape is always more limiting - afterall, Jagex want people to upgrade to membership. In saying that, players can eagerly accumulate any of the above ores in bulk and can then use it for themselves or find people looking to buy in bulk.

Runescape Members:
In addition to the ores and locations for free to play people, runescape members can readily use the following:
  • Pure Essence - Rune Essence Mine
  • Iron Ore - Ardougne Mines
  • Coal - Coal Trucks or Miscellania
  • Gold - Mines west and south west of brimhaven
Of course that is not all possible locations or ores that people can mine, however, it does list the more profitable and in demand ores. Runescape members are more likely to benefit more than non-members simply due to the fact they can make better use of ores themselves as rings of forging will enable them to get 100% pure iron whereas free to play people will suffer 50% loss due to impurity.

There is a runescape mining chart that players can check out and can help maintain and improve it simply by registering on my runescape help site. I am seeking quality guide writers as I plan to develop the site to be more comprehensive in all aspects of the game.

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