Thursday, April 19, 2007

Runescape Inventory

Runescape inventories are often overlooked by players when they are setting out on their adventures. Failure to check your runescape inventory can lead to the loss of valuable items or large sums of money.

A simple check to ensure nothing of value is in your inventory before venturing into the runescape wilderness or an aggressive area can really help save money and items in the long term. This is even more true when there are a number of ingame runescape scams that can affect a player, although Jagex have taken some preventative measures to address the known issues, some dubious players will still try and scam others in similar ways.

Players should only ever take an item into the wilderness if they are fully prepared to lose it. Obviously they may not always lose in the wild, but they should be able to easily afford any replacement items if they happen to die through being pked.

Back on to the runescape inventory, I have heard many people through the years complain of losing a lot of stuff they forgot they had with them. Common items lost include:

  • Coins - large stacks of coins, sometimes in the millions
  • Large stacks of runes (air, fire, chaos runes etc)
  • Rare items - santa hats in particular that are then quickly picked up by others
  • Valuable items such as barrows for members
Overall, if people simply checked to ensure they are not carrying an excessive amount of cash (anything over 50k is normally excessive unless you have the cash specifically to buy something costing greater than 50k), players would save millions in the long term. Similarly, players should just check and ensure when they are going into the wilderness or an aggressive area of runescape that they do not have any extra or spare items that would be better off stored in their bank.

As I said, it is a very simple runescape tip but one that is very commonly overlooked. It is often the case, people look to gain advantages through searching for runescape cheats when they really only need to take care of the basics and prevent their own stupidity. It is this stupidity prevention that will truly give them a competitive advantage over the majority of other players and be more rewarding in the long term than any so called runescape cheat.

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